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Quebec Canada

Find freedom in the wilds of Canada and Alaska. Salute the epic mountain peaks, take a deep breath, of pure fresh air, and the soul is immediately rejuvenated. Bald eagles, beluga whales and national parks larger than nations await in Alaska. Canada calls with bears and bison, the majestic Rockies and the glittering emerald jewel of Lake Louise. Travel the iconic Inside Passage on a Cosmos Alaska cruise, have a once-in-a-lifetime ride on the Rocky Mountaineer train on a Canada rail Tour, and explore the quirky settlements on Vancouver Island. Heed the call of the wild and be drawn to the road less travelled.

Snapshot: Canada and Alaska
Canada: Ottawa // Alaska: Juneau
Official Language
Canada: English, French // Alaska: English, Alaska Native Languages, Tagalog, Spanish
Canada: 36 million // Alaska: 740k
Canada: Canadian Dollar // Alaska: US Dollar
Time Zone
Canada: 6 different time zones! // Alaska: GMT-8
Drives on the



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Canada and Alaska
Best time to visit
Summer! Despite its’ allure for skiing and other icy adventures, Canada’s Summers are when life is dialed up. July and August are the best times to visit, with September a close runner up. Sure, things get busier in the popular months. However, ‘busy’ is not a word used often in Canada, it’s a place to refresh and rejuvenate any time of year. 

Winter (Dec –Feb)
This is an epic time to indulge in every snowy fantasy. For all else (excluding the milder West Coast), Winter can be a sub-zero ordeal. Luckily Canada is set up with indoor malls and covered walkways. But if you’re up for the thrill of exploring the challenge of daytime temperatures under minus five degrees (and far below), rug up and be prepared to wear thermal underwear – constantly. 

Spring (Mar – May)
In Spring the entire country re-awakens, and the thrill is contagious.  Gradual snowmelt reveals forests and wildflowers and wildlife re-emerges from the long Winter hibernation. 

Summer (June  - Aug)
Bingo! This is the Canada you’ve dreamed of, with access to all areas. Make a beeline for British Columbia. Those wet Pacific Depressions are over, with long sunlight days and warm temperatures ideal for exploring. 

Autumn (Sept – Nov)
Areas around Cape Breton and Quebec are for leaf-lovers, a storm of burnt hues during autumn. Catch the tail end of Indian Summers when nature is in full splendour before shutting up shop for Winter. September is still a busy month in the south, while from October the northern tourist areas are starting to settle into the long Winter hibernation. 
Culture & customs
The culture is as diverse as the country is big. But you’ll find the Quebecois, lovers of superstition and folktales, have the most endearing of quirks. Their slang includes an entire list of religious-oriented swear words; the highly offensive tabarnak (tabernacle) is a favourite. To the French, the Quebecois patois is adorable, if slightly 17th century. Elsewhere in Canada the common religion involves The Puck. Ice hockey is sacred.
Language & useful phrases
Canadian, eh? That little, often used ‘eh’ is the thing that will help you identify a Canadian from an American. But things really get interesting when heading East. French and English are both Canada’s official languages – in Quebec dive headfirst into the culture with a little “Bonjour”, an attempt at French flair goes a long way with the locals.
Health & safety
Canada has excellent healthcare, but foreigners drop a few gold bars if having to access it. Make sure your travel insurance covers any medical emergencies, or else that play money all becomes hospital-stay money. Consult your local doctor for general immunisations and visit your countrys official Travel Advisory website for current safety and travel information.
Electronics & devices
Unlike Australia, Canada uses 110-120 volt power, so you may need a voltage converter, usually for appliances that heat up such as hair dryers and straighteners, However, you’ll definitely need a plug adaptor. Canada uses the same adaptors as the USA, which is a flat 2 or 3 prong plug. It’s better to have a two-prong adaptor which will fit either.
A universal adaptor, that converts Australian plugs to fit any outlet globally, will make your life easier. Or you can carry individual adaptors for each country. Country specific adaptors can be bought individually or in set, which is great if you’re going to more than one place, and don’t want to travel with a universal adaptor.  

It can be difficult to find adaptors for Australian appliances once you leave Australia, so make sure you have what you need before you leave home. Adaptors are easy to find at here. Department stores, electronic stores, luggage stores, large chemists and many stores at Australian airports carry them.
Money & costs
Canada has the same tipping system as the USA. It seems confusing, but a general rule is between 15 - 20% for bartenders or waiters ($1 - $2 a bag for porters). If in doubt, your in-the-know Tour Director will clue you in. 

Visas & insurance
Visas aren’t required for citizens of 46 countries. You will, however, need to fill out an Electronic TravelAuthorization (except Americans). It’s easy – apply online before travelling. Check www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/eta-start.asp.
Top tips
To really be immersed in Canada’s vastness, get “oot and aboot”, feel urban energy on foot or head into the wilderness to cycle or take a hike. Up close and personal is the way to feel the thrill of Canada’s slowly beating heart.